Words Of Jesus - Introduction...
     Before we begin, I want to make it clear that I believe, that the words of the prophets, the apostles as well as many others in the bible spoke, are still of great importance and also still for the believer today.  I believe the whole Bible in its entirety is the inspired Word of God, written by man yet inspired by God. 
     As I have already mentioned, I believe all of the whole bible is of importance but I also do enjoy studying in different areas of the bible and on different topics, such as healing, miracles, love, faith, deliverance, as well as many others. This is just one of many area's I wanted to study in.  I wanted and spend some time learning more about the words our Lord Jesus has spoken and the stories that he told. 
     As I began this study I noticed that I couldn't find any place online(atleast not that I could find) where anyone had gathered together just the words of Jesus that are written in red together to be read, so I had to go through a King James Version Red Letter Edition Bible, and pull out all the scriptures with red in them on my own. In doing this I realized it would take me quite a bit of time to pull out all the scriptures in red and place them neatly in a file where I could go back to read them together. So I decided I would share this for those of you who are interrested in reading on this topic as well. If you decide to follow along, please keep in mind, this is a study you will have to do on your own, I have only included the verses, I have not added any additional text or explanation of scripture. This is not a sermon or teaching but a study, a place where you can become more familiar with the words Jesus spoke that are written in red. Therefore, you may want to have your bible handy while reading through these, I have only included the passages that have the words of Jesus in red, so there would be some details of the stories written in black that is not included in these passages. THESE PASSAGES INCLUDE ONLY THE WORDS THAT WERE WRITTEN IN RED.
     Below you will see only 6 books mentioned, this is because there are only 6 books in a King James Version, Red Letter Edition Bible, that contain the words of Jesus written in red.  Please keep in mind that because this is such a big area of study and because there is so much text, I did not want to place all the text in one link, therefore I have kept each passage seperated by listing them according to the book that the passages are found in, as well as including the chapter and verse for easy reference. 







God Bless
Toni Engle

Please click Play and listen to the song above before you begin. Ohhh praise God for the birth of Jesus (Emmanuel, God with us). How wondrous is his love that he came, leaving his heavenly estate to dwell on earth as man. Jesus is the Word of God, wrapped in flesh; he is Emmanuel the incarnate one dwelling with man. The silent age, scholars declare there were 400 years of silence, from the last word of God given by a prophet until the birth of Jesus. Can you imagine living in those days, with no word from God, a word from God would have been so precious in those days, but instead hearing a word from the prophets, the silence was broken by the cry of Emmanuel, Jesus the incarnate one, the savior of his people, the first begotten Son of God living amongst men. Ohhh praise his name, and as if that wasn't a great enough story, his wondrous love went to an even greater, more amazing extent, he endured the cross, and all for the joy that was set before him, he already had dominion over all, demons already obeyed his command as well as the winds, sickness and disease.  Friends, that joy that was set before him was you and I. He came, he lived, he died, but praise God he didnt stay dead, he raised from the dead, ascended into heaven and sat down at the right hand of God and has sent the Holy Spirit to live and dwell in us. The same spirit that raised Christ from the dead now dwells in every born again believer, and one day he will come again for each and every one of those born again believers and take us home where we will eternally reside with him in Glory!