Poems by Joan Dailey 
Are you determined to serve Him
No matter what the cost?
Have you cried out to Jesus
For the dying and the lost?

Do you love your brother or sister
With His agape love?
Have you sought for the counsel
That comes from above? 

Does your heart yearn for the nearness
Of Him so sublime?
Do you have His Spirit?
Are you renewed with His mind?

Do you minister the Word
To the many or few?
Do you know what
He requires of you?

Search and seek and pray,
I'm sure He will show you the way.
He gives peace
That passes understanding.

His love is never-ending.
There is joy, joy, joy
In serving this great King.
He keeps me as the apple of His eye.
What He tells me is truth, He does not lie.
He covers me with His feathers, under His wings I trust.
He says never fear, I love you so much.

Like a child with wondering eyes,
I beheld His glory there in the sky.
He said these precious words, "Come unto Me".
I did, and with Him I will ever be.

Let Him surround you with His love,
And draw you into His sweet embrace.
Cling to Him with all your soul,
And you'll see Him face to face.
                                                         These are poems that God gave our sister-in-law, Joan Dailey, over the years.  We hope they are a blessing to you.

When we see the beauty all around,
It is so hard to believe we came from the ground;
And from the ground we came in the likeness of "Him",
That we should live and know no sin.

But satan had other plans that didn't conform to God's will,
And from the "garden" man was sent,
With sweat of his brow....he would therefore till.
And till the ground, he has these many long years,
Sometimes in triumph, sometimes in defeat, sometimes in tears.

Oh, I wonder what we have learned through all of this.
Do we see anything a-miss?
He made us in the likeness of Him.
Are we still committing sin?
And when He comes and says "enter in",
We'll stand in triumph or fall in sin.