For you brought me out of bondage
And set me on the Rock to stay.
You gave me joy and peace and life
And said, "I'll be with you always."

You showed me Your beautiful glory
And filled me with Your Spirit Divine.
Now there's an over-flowing fountain
Flowing from Your heart to mine.

Help me Lord, to be what I can be.
I don't want You to be ashamed of me
For You bought me and gave me life abundantly.
I'll praise You for all eternity.
Omnipotent Father of mercy and grace
Come now and dwell in this place
For my heart is an open door
I need Your touch once more.

For it's by faith I stand
As I journey through this land
Over hills and valleys and burning sand
Thank God, I know Whose I am.

Sometimes I may grow weary
And my eyes get a little teary
But when I see Your marvelous grace
I know it's been worth the race.
When You were near, we just didn't hear
All the things You had to say
But now we see them coming true
Now they are not so new
Oh Jesus, what are we to do?

You warned of rumors of war,
of earthquakes on every shore
False prophets and deceivers across the land
Men whose hearts are turned to the things that abominate
Oh Jesus, is it too late?

The love of many has grown cold
The youth has now become the old
We heard what the Word had to say
The harvest truly is great
We are the children of light or has it become night?
Oh Jesus, have we waited too late?

What does your heart desire
A soul in bliss or one with no fire
A life pleasing to Him or one full of sin?

The Word written in the heart
That shines so brightly it dissipates the dark
A love that covers a multitude of sin
Or hate that binds the heart, no one wins?

A joy that is over-flowing within
Or unforgiveness that keeps the heart from receiving Him
A fulness of glory divine
Or a life that simply does not shine?

Victory that comes on high
Or defeat that the enemy magnifies?
Anointing of healing virtue flowing
Strength to strength, knowing to knowing.

Abundant life, oh, what does it mean?
Nothing to the soul unclean
But everything to the one who has seen,
The purpose of salvation and all it brings.

Health and joy, life and peace
From a loving Shepherd Who knows His sheep
The One Who created and raised us from sleep
To inherit all that He has,
far and near, wide and deep.

The sweet Holy Ghost, Comforter, and Guide
My friend along side, inside
Wisdom and revelation, knowledge, power
and fulness too
Sweet promises to His people:  You!!
 Jesus The Good Shepherd