Which will it be, Heaven or Hell?
You know you cannot escape
There is a "choice" that you must make
Will it be yes, will it be no?
Which choice will be your road?

All roads lead to some place.
What road will you take?
Jesus is standing with His arms out-stretched
To welcome you and give you rest.
He loves you, oh, you should know
One day, He too, chose a road.

His road led to rejection, pain, and death,
But also much happiness.
His road didn't end in that awful place,
For by Him was bestowed grace.
That "grace" was given to all mankind
So we wouldn't be left behind.

His promise is joy, peace, and eternal life
No more sorrow, pain, or strife
Only gladness with our Savior there
In that sweet land, "Heaven" is fair.

Lucifer also chose a road,
But with it came a heavy load.
He thought to magnify himself above God,
So down to earth he daily trods.
To deceive all that he can
And bring them into his plan.
By him, there is pain, sin, and death
And any kind of perverseness.

His promise is sorrow, torment,and death
Weeping, gnashing of teeth and regret
Always in agony and darkness with him
A fire burning hell for a life of sin.

Make your choice wisely, my friend,
For the road you take has an end.
Which road will you take, dear friend?

Be instant in season and out
Watch and pray with thanksgiving to the Lord
Hear the Word, be strong
Hold up the shield of faith and do not doubt
"I AM" the "I AM" and will bring you out.

Rejoice in Me and give a shout
Lift up the voice and sing, sing aloud
Call on Me and give ear
Hear what the Spirit has to say
Call, call on Me now, Call while I may be found 
Rise up, rise my fair ones
The work had to be done.

Seek, seek Me with all your heart
Break up your fallow ground
For I know when you call on Me
And I, I will set you free.
Oh, the lonely hours one can spend,
When he doesn't have a dear friend.
Yet in the words of the "Great" Prophet,
You are not alone, I'll take you for my own.
Oh, the worry that can trouble the mind,
When you don't forsake all and leave it behind.
Yet in the inspired words of Apostle Paul,
Those things I count but loss when I see the cross.
Oh, the sorrow one does embrace,
When a loved one has ended his "race".
Yet in the words of the "Comforter",
Peace, I will impart to your saddened heart.
Oh, the patience we all must have,
When we tread this long, long path.
Yet in the words of the "Revelator",
Come, it is done, enter in, my faithful ones.

Once upon a time, we've heard the story go,
But this one is true, it began a long time ago;
About a little boy Who was born to a loving mother,
This One a treasure, like no other.

He lived among His own, yet they knew Him not,
Just another little boy, Who lived down the block.
He learned from His father, the carpenter's trade,
But He sought from God, the true plan laid.

He grew in wisdom and age, His pleasure was to please the Father,
And when the time came to journey forth, it was no bother.
He was baptized and began to preach,
And the people were astonished at what He did teach.

He called out twelve "friends" to be by His side,
And taught them the meaning of the "life".
He sent them forth to proclaim "peace",
And to offer to all, "Come to the Feast".

"Who is this?", they all did ask.
Why it's the carpenter's son, the one we know by craft.
Kill Him.  He's not fit to live.
He says He's God's Son, but we know this kid.

On a cross made from a dogwood tree,
They crucified this "lovely" Man for me.
He is God's begotten Son, "The Beloved" so divine.
He gave His life for yours and mine.

But this story doesn't end on a sad note,
And Satan has no room to gloat.
This little boy, Man, arose from the grave,
And I call Him "JESUS" today.