Matthew 25:10
They that were ready went in with him and the door was shut.

Five were ready and 5 were not.
During the waiting the virgins seemed very much alike, but, when the midnight cry came, the difference began to appear.

As the second coming of our Lord approaches, when the Bridegroom comes, there is going to be revelation once again of who
​is ready and who is not.

All ten were virgins. All had known that the Bridegroom would appear. The five that missed it were not vile and wicked. They had prepared to a point.
1. They had the name and the character of virgins. A lot of people call themselves Christians.
2. They held the lamps and torches of the bridesmaids. A lot of people carry a Bible, but never check the contents.
3. They were companions of the true virgins. They mix in with the true Christians.
4. They heard the cry the same as the others.
There was still something lacking.

Just going to church won't get you in to the supper.

The foolish virgins had nothing in reserve. Maybe they never counted on having to wait while the Bridegroom tarried.
​Maybe they didn't think it was worth the time to read the Word of God so much, to study, to pray, to seek and store God's Word up in their hearts; to have it in reserve for a time of waiting.
​Their faith began to be a smoking lamp that was going out in time of need.

Look at verse 8. Maybe they thought we can just call on someone who has been praying, who has been studying, who has
​been preparing.

Friends, there are times when we all need help and reinforcements down here.

There is one prayer I cannot pray for anyone else, and no one can pray it for me.
​Only I can prepare for my place at the Wedding Supper of the Lamb.

The five foolish couldn't get in on the five wise virgins oil. They were not ready and the door was shut.

Some people make a profession, but never pray unless they have a need. They never praise, never love and never forgive.
​They may have a lamp, they may know the truth, but no oil to keep them burning.

As that door was shut perhaps another was opened.
If the door of Heaven is shut to you, another door will be opened: the door to Hell.

Jesus has opened up a door of mercy; a time for preparation. In fact in John chapter 10, Jesus said, "I am the door."
​He also said, "He that entereth not by the door, that tries some other way is the same as a thief and a robber."

Moral character is good, but not the door. Clean living is good, but not the door. Going to church is necessary, but not the door. These things alone are not enough.

Jesus is the door and the way, and a time of grace is given.
But, one day that time will pass. That time of preparation ends for someone every day, but one day it will end for everyone.

Are you ready?   Do you have the oil in your vessel?   Have you received Jesus into your heart?

In Acts chapter 19, Paul asked some people, "Have you received the Holy Ghost since ye believed?"   He commanded them to be baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus, verse 5.
In other words, have you acted on what you believe?

Simply believing (only believe) won't carry you through. You need to receive His name, and His Spirit into your heart.

The wise virgins had oil in reserve; oil in their vessels. They had also paid a price for that preparation. They gave up something to purchase that oil.

Acts 2:38 tells us the Holy Ghost is a free gift. That's true. You can't buy it or earn it, but to receive it you may have to make room by giving up some things: pride, social standing, etc.   Worldly friends may leave you.
Do you understand?

Those wise virgins gave up something to have the extra oil.

Genesis 7:15-16 tells us that after Noah and his family and the animals entered into the ark, the Lord shut them in.
The same door that shut Noah and his family in, shut the rest of humanity out.
Noah had heard the warning and had prepared. He entered into the ark with the portions that God had commanded, no more,
​no less.
Noah had a revelation of the disaster that was to come. He didn't have a hard time leaving some things behind.
​I didn't say people, I said things.

If we really could get a revelation of the coming destructions most of the things of this world would lose their luster.
When we leave this world none of the things of this world that we cling to are going with us: new cars, new homes, nice clothes, collections. None of the things that we give our time and effort to, instead of this Gospel, are going through that door.
​When time is called they will seem worthless to us.

A man let his son drive his new 4-wheel drive Blazer. His son and two other teenagers came over a raise in the road and the bridge was under water. The boy tried to stop, but when he did the moving water shoved the Blazer into the guard rail.
​The teenagers were rescued, but the Blazer was lost. When the man was told of the accident, his first response was,
​"Are the kids alright?" The new Blazer he had struggled to buy had suddenly became worthless to him.

When Jesus returns and claims his own, and that door is shut, and you are not inside, nothing in this world will be worth the cost.

Are you prepared? Is anything lacking?

If the Bridegroom tarries, do you have what it takes to wait?