Acts 26:28 Then Agrippa said unto Paul, Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian.

Almost is a funny word.
​Whether you want to hear it or not depends on which side of it you are on.
Almost: Very little - Short of.

As we read this text we see a man or maybe I should say a type of person
​that we see many times in our world today: An almost Christian.

Agrippa had hopeful and encouraging indications of character.
​According to Paul's own description of Agrippa,
​he was a man with a great deal of religious knowledge.
​Religious knowledge won't save you.

​In verse 3 of this chapter Paul says, "I know thee to be an expert in all customs and questions which are among the Jews."
I believe that Agrippa was well educated in the ways of Jewish religion and knew the words of the prophets.
​Verse 27 says Believest thou the prophets? I know that thou believest.
​So he would understand what Paul was speaking to him about.

This example shows us that:
⦁ We may be filled with religious intelligence
⦁ We may have a good knowledge of the Scripture
⦁ We can be sound in our understanding of creeds and doctrine
⦁ We may have a clear view of the plan of salvation

Yet, if we are not applying this knowledge to our lives, if we are not allowing our will and our heart to be influenced by it, we become like King Agrippa:
⦁ Almost a Christian
⦁ Almost saved
⦁ Almost healed
And almost is the same as not.

I don't want to be on a ship that almost makes it to shore.
​I don't want to be in a plane that almost landed.
​I don't want to almost make heaven.

Now the next thing I noticed about the king is also a condition we see today. He was not in direct opposition to Paul's preachings. He didn't become enraged by it like the Jews. He didn't want to stone Paul, but he didn't receive it either.

It is not enough to tolerate the Gospel. It must be received.

King Agrippa didn't attack Paul like the Jews, but he missed the blessing just the same.

There are alot of people who are not against the blessings of God, but they aren't seeking them either.
Some Christians are waiting for God to just zap them and fill them with the anointing.
You can know the plan of salvation and even agree with it, but until you receive it you are lost!

The almost condition is not just because of a lack of love for God.
​It is because there is a predominant love in the heart for something else.
A person only hides what he wants to keep.
The almost Christian is wavering back and forth between two loves.

We read nothing in the Scripture about a place that is almost heaven. You will either surrender to the Lord and receive His Blood or be numbered with the wicked.

It would be of little comfort to stand in the judgement and know that, like a man named Pilate, you never hated Jesus, but you gave Him up.

King Agrippa kept the glories to which he clung for a few more years. He played his part on the stage of this world.
​There were men who bowed to him, who paid respect to him with their mouths.
​He sat at a place of honor at the feasts and even ruled over men's natural lives.
​But one day the glory he had chosen of this natural world would be over. His short day of glory would be swallowed up by an endless night of eternity.
He would take with him none of his kingly honor, none of the pomp. He would take with him only his sin. Agrippa would sit on a throne for a short season in this world, but his almost condition would send him to an eternal prison.

Friend, to be fully persuaded will cause action.

What was Paul's crime? Acts 25:19 says Paul affirmed Jesus to be alive. He was fully persuaded and willing to go the distance.

Are you fully persuaded today?
Can the Spirit persuade you to make a move?

⦁ Jesus will save you.
⦁ His Blood will cleanse you.
⦁ His stripes will heal you.
⦁ The chastisement of your peace was upon Him.
⦁ His riches in glory will meet your need.
But.... To be almost saved is to be lost.

Jesus went all the way to Calvary. He paid the full price.
​I am totally and fully persuaded of His victory. He won it for you and me.

God's Word is like medicine. It must be applied.

Hebrews 11:13 speaks of the heroes of faith who seen the promises of
​God afar off and were fully persuaded and embraced them.

Romans 4:20-21 tells of Abraham being fully persuaded that what
​God had promised He was able to perform.

Don't be like Agrippa and be almost persuaded. 
​Be fully persuaded and accept Jesus as your Savior.